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Those familiar with the San Potente holiday homes know that we offer hospitality, cordiality and a wealth of information about Umbria as well as Paolo and Corinna’s tips about wine cellars, gastronomic shopping, crafts boutiques, cultural visits, exhibitions, walking and cycling itineraries and more.

Typical cooking classes in Umbria

Cooking classes at San Potente holiday homes in Umbria, Italy

At San Potente holiday apartments, Umbria, we organize wonderful Italian cooking classes.

Cooking in Umbria is about sharing and spending time together.

Corinna and Luciana will tell you all about our region’s gastronomic traditions through recipes that give meaning and value to the wealth of local Umbrian produce such as the legumes of Castelluccio, the saffron of Cascia and the French beans of Trasimeno.

Umbrian olive oil tasting

Italian olive oil San Potente, Umbria

At San Potente Agritourism you can witness the olive harvest and  taste the new oil straight from the press.

Around mid-October our agricultural firm begins the olive harvest, and there is no better introduction to the world of extra-virgin Umbrian olive oil than a tasting of the San Potente oil in the very places where it is produced!

Hand loom weaving courses with typical buffet

Hand loom weaving courses held by Luciana Tonti at San Potente holiday homes

Weaving craft is one of the many wonders of Umbria, a land where historic professions and expertise have been handed down for centuries.

At our home/workshop in Rasiglia di Foligno, Italy, you can immerse yourself in the historic world of Umbrian hand loom weaving

The current custodian of our family passion, Luciana, will show you the work tools of our ancestors and teach you the secrets and techniques of this historic art.

Tour of the traditions of Val Tiberina, Italy

Visit to an alpaca farm in Italy, Umbria

A magnificent tour of Umbria’s customs awaits you in Val Tiberina!

A rare opportunity to visit one of the largest alpaca farms in Italy or discover how honey is produced in a Benedictine abbey according to a thousand-year-old tradition.

Visits to an Umbrian lentil grower

Lentil harvest in Castelluccio di Norcia, Umbria

The lentils of Castelluccio are just an example of the produces that made Umbria and its food so famous all over Italy and beyond.

In the beautiful natural set of the Sibillini National Park, Castelluccio arise proudly above the Piano Grande, an astonishing plateau up in the mountains. In August you will see both men and women bending over the ground to pick these tiny legumes under a beautiful Umbrian sun. It’s harvest time!  

Tours on horseback through the vineyards of Umbria

Tours on horseback through the vineyards of Umbria

Horse riding is the feather in the cap of sports tourism in Umbria.

Horse riding is fun for adults and children alike, and riding through the vineyards of Umbria is even better!

Lifeitalianstyle’s Jennifer, a truly Umbrian American, will lead you on a journey of discovery through a wine estate near Torgiano, Italy.

Bike rides in Umbria

Bike riding in Umbria, Italy

Umbria offers a wide range of possibilities for bike rides.

Sporty Antonella from Gira l’Umbria will provide you with itineraries tailored to your needs for exploring Umbria by bike.

The bike rides will take you around the region, taking advantage of the possibility of transporting bicycles by train. You will leave from Bevagna, Spello, Assisi, Spoleto, but also Lake Trasimeno, Valnerina and for the most athletic amongst you, Mount Subasio!

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