Hand loom weaving courses with typical buffet

Hand loom weaving courses held by Luciana Tonti at San Potente holiday homes

Weaving craft is one of the many wonders of Umbria, a land where historic professions and expertise have been handed down for centuries.

At our home/workshop in Rasiglia di Foligno, Italy, you can immerse yourself in the historic world of Umbrian hand loom weaving

The current custodian of our family passion, Luciana, will show you the work tools of our ancestors and teach you the secrets and techniques of this historic art.

Tour of the traditions of Val Tiberina, Italy

Visit to an alpaca farm in Italy, Umbria

A magnificent tour of Umbria’s customs awaits you in Val Tiberina!

A rare opportunity to visit one of the largest alpaca farms in Italy or discover how honey is produced in a Benedictine abbey according to a thousand-year-old tradition.

Shopping tour in Perugia

Shopping tour in the historic centre of Perugia, Umbria

At the San Potente holiday apartments we will provide you with the best addresses for shopping in Umbria.

Quality shopping has never been so easy!

In the historic centre of Perugia, Articity will guide you through the shops offering the best art and handicrafts in Umbria.

Deruta ceramics courses

Ceramics courses at an artistic workshop in Deruta, Italy

For an original way to discover Italy’s art, why not try a pottery course in Umbria?

Our friends at the artistic workshop La Gioconda invite you in Deruta to spend a half-day session with a master potter trying your hand at decorating ceramics.

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