Visits to an Umbrian lentil grower

The lentils of Castelluccio are just an example of the produces that made Umbria and its food so famous all over Italy and beyond.

In the beautiful natural set of the Sibillini National Park, Castelluccio arise proudly above the Piano Grande, an astonishing plateau up in the mountains. In August you will see both men and women bending over the ground to pick these tiny legumes under a beautiful Umbrian sun. It’s harvest time!  

If you would like to find out more about this highly nutritious legume, you can enter into direct contact with an Umbrian lentil grower and witness the harvest, carried out according to traditional methods.

But there are not only lentils in Castelluccio di Norcia: you will also discover a wealth of other local produce little known outside Umbria, such as the grass pea and the “roveja” or field pea.

This journey to the most secret, authentic heart of Umbria will conclude with a tasting of the region’s delicacies.

In August you can witness the harvest and peeling operations in the field, while guided visits to the field and shop are available all year round.

Duration: 2/3 hours.

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