Umbria, land of saints

A few examples of religious tourism in Umbria, Italy:

• The St Francis of Assisi route: from the Sanctuary of Rivotorto near Villa Rosy, to the Porziuncola of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the basilica of San Francesco di Assisi, the churches of Santa Chiara and San Damiano, and the Eremo delle Carceri, a highly spiritual place of prayer to the saint.

• The Abbey of Sassovivo and the unique atmosphere of the country churches. Your meditation disturbed only by birdsong and the chiming of bells, you will be enchanted by the beauty of these sacred places caught between heaven and earth.

• Umbrian saints. Not just St Francis of Assisi, but also St Benedict, St Rita and the Blessed Angela were born in Umbria. It is a region where you can leave behind all excess and immerse yourself in the mysticism of its numerous hermitages, convents, sanctuaries and abbeys and their peaceful surroundings. 

• Umbria’s forgotten churches and places of worship immersed in the countryside, Umbria’s hermitages and barefoot friars. In the silence of the olive groves or holm oaks, in Umbria you will find peace, beauty and harmony in all things.

• Religion in Umbria means religious festivals that are unique in nature and status: from the a cappella choirs and sung masses of Assisi to the nativity scenes to be found throughout the region and its processions, pilgrimages, peace marches and more.

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  • Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi, Umbria by night
  • Religion in Umbria: not all monks in Assisi are Franciscan and wear the habit
  • Detail of a fountain and bell tower at sunset in Assisi
  • Living nativity scene at the San Francesco basilica in Assisi
  • Religious statues and characters in Assisi
  • Snow in Assisi – Painting by Norberto

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